Q&A with PB Man-About-Town Karl Jaedtke


In January, longtime PB Town Council volunteer Karl Jaedtke was presented with the Council’s “Pug Sanford Community Service Award.” While handing Jaedtke the proclamation during the Town Council’s Installation Dinner at Mission Bay Yacht Club, Council president Greg Daunoras cited Jaedtke’s years of dedication to his beloved beach community and all the effort he extends to ensure everyone has a good time at the summer Concerts on the Green in Kate Sessions Park.

Where did you grow up?

I hail from Ventura County, Simi Valley.

What do you do for a living?

I retired five years ago from a 34-year career in the federal government.

Are you married? Got kids?

Currently not married, but I have two sons, Beau and Bryan.

Give us a brief history of your involvement with Pacific Beach governance.

I met former City Council member Donna Frye at Skips Frye’s surf shop around 1996, and in talking about our town, she suggested that I join the PB Town Council. I did so in 1998, after helping out at community events. I served as Town Council president (2000-2001), and have remained a member of the PBTC since 1998 helping to put on events.

If you could wave a magic wand and make a wish for PB come true, that wish would be:

No more tagging!

What is your favorite thing about PB?

It has a wonderful, small-town feel.

What is your top priority for PB improvement?

I would like to see Garnet Avenue closed to vehicular traffic.

What is one thing you want people to know about the PB Town Council?

People should know that the PBTC is about improving the quality of life for all citizens that live/visit our town ... (and membership is open to all).

Do you have a favorite spot for relaxing in PB?

It’s not really a spot, but I love riding my bike around sail bay for the quiet, and then along the boardwalk for the crowds, seeing everyone enjoying our town.

How would you spend a $5,000 gift to PB — no strings attached?

I’d use the money for a community event for everyone.