Belmont Park announces rebrand in conjunction with 98th anniversary

The entrance to Belmont Park.
(Courtesy of Belmont Park)

As Independence Day approaches, San Diegans across the county are gearing up for activities. Plenty of fireworks and drone shows, parades and events across the city are sure to leave no shortage of to-dos.

At Belmont Park, the Fourth of July also means its 98th anniversary.

To celebrate, park officials initiated the first step in their marketing makeover, a plan to re-brand the park through various initiatives. In 2023 and forward, visitors can expect to see a new logo, branding, messaging, website, launch of Belmont branded merchandise and more.

The anniversary is a milestone in the race towards 100 years. In conjunction with the rebrand, staff is planning to roll out some implemented changes as a glimpse of what the future has to offer.

“There are not a lot of 100-year-old things in San Diego, so this is special,” said Steve Thomas, Belmont Park’s general manager. “We are positioning ourselves as the gateway to San Diego. This place allows you to hit the beach, experience cuisines, go to the gym and ride the rides.”

The Giant Dipper roller coaster is one of the favorite attractions at Belmont Park.
(Janis Foley / Courtesy of Belmont Park)

Other rebrand tactics include new uniforms for staff and new food items, like seasonal funnel cake and Dole Whip. Most importantly, staff is hoping to shift how San Diegans view the park at 3146 Mission Blvd. Admission and parking are free, with tickets sold for games and rides.

The overarching goal is to allow Belmont to be a representation of the San Diego culture and community, Thomas said.

“We want this to be a celebration and scale it up as we get closer to 100 years,” Thomas said. “We want to make a fun experience both around Independence Day and our birthday, which will become an annual event.”

When Thomas joined the park’s staff in 2017, he was instantly determined to shift the public view. With more to offer than the average theme park, Belmont gives visitors a start-to-finish experience, with access to some of San Diego’s most known attractions, he explained.

“We are doing something that nobody else can really do,” Thomas said. “Other boardwalk parks are by definition a theme park, but we are able to be authentic San Diego. We have local food and drinks, we just launched the Belmont Cruise IPA, we have fresh local food at Cannonball Sushi and Draft. We know that being authentic to San Diego means having great food.”

Bailey Chiles, Belmont Park’s marketing manager, shared a similar sentiment to Thomas. The changes come with an overall sense of excitement.

“With Belmont’s new brand, we hope to capture and embody the essence of San Diego culture,” Chiles said. “The new brand will also allow us to pivot and adapt to changes in the industry, while still remaining true to our core values and mission.”

Like Thomas said, the rebrand comes to amplify what the park already has, showcasing the unique qualities that make Belmont stand out from competitors.

The carousel at Belmont Park appeals to those of all ages.
(Courtesy of Belmont Park)

“Overall, I am confident that this rebrand will be a game-changer for our park and I cannot wait to see the positive impact it will have,” Chiles said.

Over the next two years, staff will continue to build up towards the 100th anniversary, something Chiles said is only possible because of the dedication of each employee.

“One thing that has remained constant throughout my time here is the dedication, kindness and hard work of our employees,” Chiles said. “I have seen firsthand the commitment and passion that our team members bring to their work every day, and I am proud to be a part of such a talented and motivated group.

“I believe that this resilience and determination are what sets us apart from our competitors and makes us a leader in our field,” Chiles said.

Belmont Park visitors can help celebrate the 98th anniversary and relish in the rebrand, with perks like a $98 annual pass, birthday cake flavored Dole Whip and a birthday cake funnel cake available throughout July.

A sneak peek at some of rebrand initiatives can be seen at and on the Belmont Park Instagram @belmontparksd

“We have an elevated experience that people come here for,” Thomas said. “We have unified the park and built the proper culture, and this rebrand is tying the bow on all of that. It is staying true to authentic San Diego and Southern California feel, with nostalgia and new messaging.”