Pacific Beach author pushes readers to take a deeper look into the climate crisis

Pacific Beach resident Budd Titlow and his daughter, Mariah Tinger.
Pacific Beach resident Budd Titlow and his daughter, Mariah Tinger, have co-authored “Coming Full Circle: A Sweeping Saga of Conservation Stewardship Across America.”
(Debby Titlow)

For Pacific Beach author and environmental activist Budd Titlow, spreading awareness about the implications of climate change and wildlife conservation are a priority.

Titlow moved to the area in 2018 and ever since, he has worked to spread awareness regarding environmental disparities, most notably through writing. His most recent book, “Coming Full Circle: A Sweeping Saga of Conservation Stewardship Across America” is the latest manifestation of his efforts in the world of sustainability.

“I have been doing a lot of writing, mainly as a way to give back and I want to pass along my love of nature to as many people as I can,” Titlow said.

“Coming Full Circle” was written alongside his daughter, Mariah Tinger, and comes after years of research and entanglement in the world of conservation. The pair’s largest intent in writing the book was to spark change nationally and within the San Diego community.

“I am a wildlife biologist and a wetlands scientist,” Titlow said. “I put bread on the table working as an environmental consultant, but have always been doing freelance writing on the side.”

Titlow said his love for writing combined with his deep understanding of conservation pushed him to release this book.

“Coming Full Circle” combines fiction and reality, telling the story of America’s history with conservation efforts through the eyes of a multi-generational family. The book details the highs and lows of environmental activism and highlights what could have shifted years ago to prevent the current state of the climate crisis.

“A lot of the book is based on my personal beliefs, as well as my daughter Mariah’s,” he said. “What we are trying to accomplish is getting the message of climate change across, but in an entertaining manner.”

While Titlow recognizes the importance of facts, he is equally aware that putting something interesting on the shelves is what will help readers connect with the information.

The cover of Budd Titlow and Mariah Tinger’s book.
(Courtesy of Budd Titlow)

For this reason, Titlow and Tinger decided to base “Coming Full Circle” around a fictional group of Americans from the years 1767 to 2050. The book takes readers along as the accurate history of conservation efforts is recounted, through the eyes of many generations. For the authors, the book serves to inform readers while also inspiring hope.

“This is our effort to get the message across in a popular manner,” Titlow said. “We are telling the story of a family moving across the country over multiple generations. It shows what the same family witnesses and sees after moving across the country and along the coasts.”

With the overwhelming themes of alarm that the book sounds, Titlow said he is hopeful readers will recognize the severity of conservation efforts within America. Another hope is that readers will see there is possibility for change, through action and understanding.

“It ends on an optimistic note, after the family members put forth legislation that solves the climate crisis and biodiversity loss crisis,” he said. “I wanted to end on a positive note.”

For Titlow, a large goal in writing “Coming Full Circle” was to push readers to look at environmental change on a larger scale and recognize the effects daily actions have.

“It is not going to happen tomorrow, but the severity of environmental situations are going into crisis right now,” Titlow said. “The climate extremes and loss of biodiversity need to be addressed. We are in bad shape, and it is getting worse and worse.”

The authors worked with Olympia Publishers to release the book in late 2022, and since then the response from readers has been positive, he said.

“This book has a theme and a goal of convincing people we need to take the climate crisis and biodiversity loss seriously,” Titlow said.

“Coming Full Circle: A Sweeping Saga of Conservation Stewardship Across America” can be purchased for $20.99 through the Amazon and the Barnes and Noble websites.