Pacific Beach love story: He found love, but not with the lady he expected

For Valentine’s Day 2022, Brooklyn Schwen and Kevin Meyer scheduled a special photo session with their dog, Beaumont.
(Courtesy of Kevin Meyer)

I’ve lived in Pacific Beach, and now Mission Beach, for 13 years. One of my first bartending jobs in San Diego was along Garnet Avenue at PB Bar and Grill in 2010, which is now Mavericks Beach Club.

Fast forward numerous bartending jobs and several years to the godforsaken COVID-era of mid-2020 and I’m on a date with a young lady I met on the dating app Bumble.

Before you stop reading, know that this story is not going the direction you, the reader, may be thinking that it’s going. So, while on the date, I immediately noticed the bartender, Brooklyn Schwen, who was serving us (my Bumble date and I).

In the nature of keeping things short and sweet, and to make a long story short — the Bumble date concluded. Moreover, that bartender that I locked eyes with and I are still together, and share in parenthood over our son, a cocker spaniel named Beaumont.

Thank you, 860 Garnet Ave., for providing the common ground, and thank you, Bumble.