Discover Mission Bay offers fun programs for ‘Kids Free October’

A group of girls proudly show off their medals while enjoying a treat after an interactive fitness event.
A group of girls proudly show off their medals while enjoying a treat after an interactive fitness event taught by NXPT Fitness Studio.
(Courtesy of NXPT Fitness Studio)

Programs are part of a county-wide effort to offer free activities this month


Most parents of young children would agree, their youngsters enjoy finding new things to do.

This month, a myriad of fun activities are being offered through Discover Mission Bay’s Kids Free October, and as a bonus, many of them are free.

“It’s like a really fun birthday party for the kids that no one has to host,” said Lydia Bartell, a representative of Discover Mission Bay.

Free, kid-friendly athletic events include obstacle courses, sports and games. For example, the Walk & Roll 5K takes place on the boardwalk and encourages scooters, bikes and strollers, while parents jog along.

“All events are put on by professionals who work with kids all the time,” she said.

The events take place every Saturday of October. For non-hotel guests, free youth fitness events include Kids Fitness Fun on Oct. 8 and 22, Walk & Roll 5K on Oct. 15 and NXPT Games Trick or Treat on Oct. 29.

Events are hosted by NXPT, a San Diego-based fitness studio, which offers original, interactive fitness events for kids as part of the month-long event.

“We will be taking concepts taught by fitness and health and converting them into fun activities, obstacle courses and games for kids to enjoy,” said Dan Hark, owner and master trainer at NXPT Fitness Studio.

Parents can expect large crowds at the activities, but there will be plenty of openings.

“NXPT has a sizable local following and I would expect 75 to 100 locals to participate in these events,” Bartell said. “There are no capacity limits on the activities, so they won’t become full or unavailable.”

“This October’s kids’ series will be free to anyone, and we encourage everyone to bring their 4- to 18-year-olds, as well as spread the word in your social circles. Each event will be unique to the venue and have a theme that brings fun to fitness,” Hark said.

For guests staying at the hotels, activities will include mermaid swimming, hula and lightsaber training, princesses and superheroes events, music events and a SeaWorld plush giveaway.

Lightsaber training, for example, gives kids a chance to meet the galactic heroes and learn the ways of the force, while being gifted a free lightsaber.

Superhero training allows kids to meet a real superhero and they will learn how to be their own hero for the day. A specialized superhero training course for youths will include hurdles, a crawling tunnel, agility ladder and balance pods to practice jumping from building to building. There will even be a villain to fight and a baby to save, said sponsors.

All of the events are designed to help keep kids moving.

“Getting the body moving, overcoming obstacles and celebrating victories is something that teaches very important lessons to our youth and we are proud to provide that,” Hark said.

Some of the participating hotels are also offering additional specials, including free kid’s meals for their guests. For details, visit

“There will be something for everyone and memories will be made,” Hark said.

Discover Mission Bay is participating in the Kids Free San Diego program, a city-wide initiative through the San Diego Tourism Authority. According to, the program began 30 years ago when San Diego Zoo officials decided to celebrate the zoo’s founding in October by admitting children for free throughout the month.

Not long after, the San Diego Museum Council, which includes more than 100 museums, joined the fun and now more than 100 partners take part. Major theme parks, including SeaWorld and Legoland, also host free and special programs during the month.

Participating hotels and resorts in Mission Bay include Bahia Resort Hotel, Catamaran Resort Hotel and Spa, The Dana on Mission Bay, Hyatt Regency Mission Bay Spa and Marina, Paradise Point Resort and San Diego Mission Bay Resort.

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