Pacific Beach love story: A lucky Friday the 13th

Gary Wasserman and Nancy Person when they started dating in 1978.
(Courtesy photo)

PB Monthly asked readers to share their love stories. Here is one of the submissions.

My husband, Gary Wasserman, and I met in September of 1977, when I was 19 and he was 20. I was actually dating a friend of his! Several months later after each of us became unattached, he showed up at my door.

Although we were almost complete opposites, things blossomed quickly between us. I was a feisty, independent girl from the Bronx in New York and he was a laid-back Los Angeleno; and already a Navy veteran. Our shared sense of adventure and rebellion was quite attractive, however.

A recent photo of Gary and Nancy.
(Courtesy photo)

Friday the 13th is our lucky day because it happened to be our first date in January of 1978. We got serious very fast and being so young, I panicked and broke up with him six months later. After a miserable two weeks, I called him and asked him to take me back. He did!

We backpacked/camped for six weeks in Europe in 1979 which confirmed our compatibility. The rest is history. We just celebrated 44 years since our first date, and will be married 42 years in July.

Gary has a heart of gold, is an amazing gourmet chef in his spare time and can fix or build anything! Why would I let such a rare gem go?

His motto in life is “I may have to grow older, but I never have to grow up.” Thank goodness something told him to knock on my door those many years ago! We have lived in Pacific Beach since May 2008.