Pacific Beach love story: From Tinder to parenthood

A current photo of Mike and Daniela.
(Courtesy photo)

PB Monthly asked readers to share their love stories. Here is one of the submissions.

We are Mike and Daniela, and have lived in PB for over a decade. We met in 2014 when “dating” apps — read: hook-up apps — were at an all-time high. What I assumed to be just another Tinder fling has ended up becoming much more.

The moment I met Daniela, I knew I had found someone special — someone who loves me for me and pushes me to be a better man. Daniela is everything I’d hoped for in a partner: a motivated, independent entrepreneur who loves deep house music, fitness and fashion.

Mike Reed and Daniela Nunez when they started dating in 2014.
(Courtesy photo)

Since swiping right, we have filled our days enjoying all PB has to offer. We ride our bikes daily on the boardwalk with our puppies, cruising to our music. You can often find us splitting the Big Breakfast #2 at Kono’s or hitting the dance floor at Firehouse.

Eight years have flown by having fun at the beach. The community continues to grow stronger, and we feel a true sense of pride being members of this traditional beach town. In fact, we are so committed to PB that we’ve decided to raise our first son, Leonardo, right here!

Daniela and I could not be more excited to start our family in this lovely town we call home. Be on the lookout for us on the boardwalk this spring, bumpin’ “Baby Shark” in substitute of “Desert Hearts.”