Pacific Beach Planners take action

PBPG next meets 6:30 p.m., Wednesday, July 24 at the library, 4275 Cass St.
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The Pacific Beach Planning Group heard neighborhood concerns about and voted on two new developments at its June 26 meeting at the library. They also discussed requesting parking for lifeguards, stop signs at Fanuel Street and Reed Avenue, and the group’s position on California Senate Bills SB50, SB330 and SB592.

New Developments

1304 Emerald St., construction of a 1,200-square-foot, two-story detached companion unit with adjoining one-stall carport and roof deck. The existing house in front has been a rental for years and several neighbors complained that the property has been run-down and attracted noisy tenants. It has been owned by Rich and Lindsey Heinrich , realtors in La Jolla , since 1988. Rich Heinrich spoke to the group, explaining that his daughter and grandson will be living in the new companion unit and on-site to manage future tenants. He presented renderings of the final project, all with correct permits. The group voted to approve the project.

1039 and 1041 Van Nuys St., map waiver for creation of two condominiums from two existing detached units currently being remodeled. The 0.14-acre site is on a cul-de-sac in a residential (RS 1-7) zone. Builder Robert Bateman of San Diego Land Surveying & Engineering, Inc. described the history of the unusual property dating back to 1925. Because the original Van Nuys Street was moved, the placement of the two houses close together made it harder to divide the lot and develop each separately. He chose to apply for remodel permits with a future map waiver for condo creation, keeping the price down.

The Development Review Committee received 23 e-mails from neighbors opposing the waiver. Several spoke at the meeting, expressing concerns that the process had not been transparent enough and would set a dangerous precedent of allowing condominiums in single-residence neighborhoods. “If this exception goes through, it will become the rule,” said one neighbor. Others asked for more time to evaluate the proposal.


A vote to approve the waiver was defeated. The Planning Group then voted to disapprove the waiver.

Position on SB50 and SB330

Vice chair Jason Legros reported on a special meeting the Planning Group held on June 12 to discuss California bills SB50 and SB330, which would impose state control over certain local development procedures and standards. At that meeting, the San Diego Community Planners Committee (CPC) decided to present a unified statement to the San Diego City Council requesting a resolution opposing these bills. Currently SB50, authored by Sen. Scott Wiener (D-San Francisco), has been shelved. There are concerns that portions of the bill have been added to SB592, although Randy Wilde, representing Assemblymember Todd Gloria, said this is not accurate.

Lifeguard Parking/Street Safety

Eve Anderson, chair of the Streets & Sidewalks Subcommittee, updated the group on a request for designated parking spaces for lifeguards and for stop signs at Fanuel Street and Reed Avenue. Marine Safety Lieutenant Maureen Hodges from the San Diego lifeguards, described the challenges many of the Pacific Beach lifeguards face trying to find parking near the Grand Avenue station. They often have to park blocks away, making it difficult to haul gear they need, such as uniforms and food coolers.

The Planning Group voted to approve a request that that City make extra spaces available for lifeguards during their working hours.


The group also voted to approve a recommendation for two additional stop signs on Fanuel Street at Reed Avenue. Currently there are stop signs on Reed, but according to neighbors who spoke at the meeting, cars speed along Fanuel and there have been several accidents.