Meet the San Diego Beach Detail

San Diego Police Department Beach Team gathers on a ‘June Gloom’ morning at WindanSea Beach. Pictured are officers Nicholas Huynh, Brett Davis, Sgt. Bryan Brecht, Kevin Andreen, Victoria Stark, Samuel Baker, Marco Calderilla, Oscar Posada, John Erpelding and Caitlin Milligan.
(Maria Jose Duran)

The San Diego Police Department Northern Division has two “Beach Teams.” The year-round night detail has the primary duty of policing the bar districts, and the May-September day beach detail has the primary duty of policing the boardwalk from the Mission Beach Jetty (Point Medanos) to the Torrey Pines Gliderport. Made up of 10 officers under the supervision of Sgt. Bryan Brecht, the beach detail makes sure all the beach regulations are met.