Our Readers Write: Positive differences; demonstrations; thanks for help


Letters to the editor:

Positive differences can be made in many ways

On my morning walk on the beach in which I pick up all kinds of trash, the most disturbing is the number of cigarettes. When cigarettes are washed out into the ocean, over 30 different types of carcinogens are released into the water from just one butt. I want to thank everyone who is out picking up trash, whether in the streets, the sidewalks, boardwalks and our beaches.

Once in a yoga class I was taking, I mentioned the benefits of eating kale. After the class, a young man commented about many things. I responded that I raised my kids to care about our planet, this Earth we share. I was shocked when this young man said his parents never taught him anything about having a responsibility to the planet. Everything we do has an effect, and that can be a positive, healthy effect.

How refreshing to read People in Your Neighborhood in last month’s PB Monthly and meet Paige Hernandez. It is heartwarming to hear of her work. Thank you, Paige, for your leadership and leading the way in social activism here in Pacific Beach!

Jo Thompson of Pacific Beach meets Rep. John Lewis (D-Ga.) in January 2019.

A year ago, I had the honor to meet Rep. John Lewis [who died July 17] in his office in Washington, D.C. He autographed his book “March” for me. His life lives on through our activism for peace, getting into “good trouble.”

Jo Thompson

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‘All lives matter’ is the truly non-racist statement

I saw your enormous spread in the July issue on the Black Lives Matter demonstrations in Pacific Beach, but where was the rest of the story? I know if one is to say that “all lives matter,” one risks being called a racist and more, but unfortunately for their sensibilities, the truly non-racist statement is simply that ALL LIVES MATTER.

I have asked participants and supporters of BLM and I am told that everything must be torn down to rebuild it all “our” way, that being white is to be guilty, that things are all one way and the police better stay out of the way. And then I run into a few who say they are for peace and love, but they blissfully look away from the chaos and destruction that accompanies “peaceful” demonstrations in most cities.

What I will never understand is the uncomfortable fact that the schools, the neighborhoods, the police and the politicians who run those areas, and the accompanying behaviors that they say they are against, have long been controlled by the political party that they say is the party that supports them and their cause. One can certainly see what is wrong with that picture.

Is there something in the water or the air that is numbing the mental processes of so many? What do you think?

Jonathan West

— — —

Thank you for the help after fall

My husband and I were returning to our car after a pleasant afternoon walk when I took a header on the corner of Beryl and Gresham. Just a few cars shy of reaching our car and splat, my foot caught the edge of the curb and down I went. Not a pretty picture.

The resident on the corner rushed with blankets and a pack of frozen avocados to put on my elbow. As I lay there wondering if I would ever get to standing, several young men came by and they hauled me up. Also a lifeguard was asking me questions to see if she could assist and walk along with us to our car.

After routine X-rays, a splint for my wrist and fingers and a sling for my elbow and arm … nothing broken! Yay!

So as I write this, I see the multitude of bruises but I am ever so thankful for those angels on the scene when I needed help. Thanks, PB.

Andrea Mau

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