Police seize ghost gun manufacturing tools, weapons from Pacific Beach home

Ghost gun manufacturing equipment, weapons, drugs and cash were seized from a Pacific Beach home.
Police provided this photo of seized ghost gun manufacturing equipment, weapons, drugs and cash found in a Pacific Beach home on New Year’s Eve.
(San Diego Police Department )

A 28-year-old man was arrested after officers found a ghost gun while patting him down on New Year’s Eve; money and drugs also were found in a search of his home


After responding to a domestic violence restraining order violation, San Diego police recovered several illegal weapons and firearm manufacturing equipment at a home in Pacific Beach on New Year’s Eve.

Officers found a loaded ghost gun when they patted down the 28-year-old suspect at a home on Grand Avenue near Olney Street. Ghosts guns are firearms assembled by hand from parts that often come in prepackaged kits. Because the parts — like an unfinished gun frame — are not classified as guns, they have no serial numbers. Anyone can legally buy the parts.

The discovery of the illegal gun prompted officers to search the man’s vehicle, and that is where police found three AR-15 lower receivers, gun parts such as a suppressor and jigs and firearm manufacturing equipment, police said.

After discovering the manufacturing equipment, officers contacted the Ghost Gun Apprehension Team and obtained a search warrant for the home.

When detectives searched the home, they found two AR-15 ghost gun rifles without serial numbers. The rifles had distinct tooling in the fire control cavity indicative of firearm manufacturing.

Detectives also located a fully automatic conversion device, commonly referred to as a “Glock switch,” which converts a semiautomatic handgun into a fully automatic weapon, police said.

Officers also seized three firearm suppressors, one loaded Glock handgun, two Derringer-style guns, 9 grams of cocaine, ammunition, additional firearm manufacturing equipment, body armor and approximately $2,000.

The man was booked into San Diego County Jail on multiple charges including possession of assault weapons, transporting a machine gun, possession of a silencer and possession of a controlled substance while armed.