This Month in History: Glimpses into Pacific Beach’s past

Pacific Beach Service Station, on the northeast corner of Cass and Garnet streets, where Chase Bank is today.
Pacific Beach Service Station, on the northeast corner of Cass and Garnet streets, where Chase Bank is today. Visitors to Mission Beach in 1922 were advised “the turn at the gas station being well posted.”
(Photo courtesy of the Pacific Beach Historical Society)

This Month in History is a feature in PB Monthly highlighting local happenings from yesteryear. John Fry is a writer, publisher, historian plus co-founder and president of the Pacific Beach Historical Society. He also is the author of “Images of America: Pacific Beach” and “Pacific Beach Through Time.”

125 years ago

July 1897

A proposal for a bridge to be built across “Rose’s Canyon” was held over by the board of public works. The board was studying the possibility of a bridge near the race track that would do the work of two bridges and save the city $3,000. The racetrack, American Driving Park, was located about where Mossy Ford is today.

100 years ago

July 1922

The Mission Beach Company heavily advertised the sale of lots in its “new residential section,” but was concerned that folks would have trouble getting to it. This was two years before the streetcar was built to La Jolla, and three years before construction of the Mission Beach Amusement Center, now known as Belmont Park.

Car owners were encourage to take “the paved highway to Pacific Beach, the turn at the gas station being well posted.”

75 years ago

July 1947

Chip’s Liquor Store announced its Grand Opening at 1001 Garnet Ave.

The post office shared news that it would move to its new location, at 1464 Garnet Ave. on July 14, 1947. An article in the Sentinel noted that two postal carriers serviced the beach in 1942, a task that five years later required 16 carriers and six clerks.

50 years ago

July 1972

Outgoing Pacific Beach Town Council President June Sandford was named Honorary Mayor at the council’s installation of officers, held at the Catamaran Hotel on July 8.

San Diego City Councilman Bob Martinet installed Harry Boyar as president, Tom Chadwick as vice president, Eduarda Ericson as secretary and John Fry as treasurer. Dorothy “Dottie” O’Regan, who retired after eight years as executive secretary, was honored for her contributions.

25 years ago

July 1997

The “Whirl ‘Til You Hurl” marathon at Belmont Park, sponsored by Mossy Nissan and Star 100.7 FM, was called a tie after three participants survived 2,940 laps over 11 days on the Giant Dipper roller coaster.

Becky Reiley, Chris Dison and Dave Cilio each received a Nissan 200SX from Mossy. The contestants got a 15-minute break each hour, but had to stay in the car without a pillow or blanket when the ride closed each night at 11 p.m.