This Month in History: Glimpses into Pacific Beach’s past

The “La Jolla Depot” was not in La Jolla. It sat at the foot of D Street next to the Santa Fe Station.
The “La Jolla Depot” was not in La Jolla. It sat at the foot of D Street next to the Santa Fe Station.
(Courtesy John Fry )

This Month in History is a feature in PB Monthly highlighting local happenings from yesteryear. John Fry is a writer, publisher and historian and co-founder and president of the Pacific Beach Historical Society. He also is the author of “Images of America: Pacific Beach” and “Pacific Beach Through Time.”

1896 — 125 Years Ago

On the first day of August the San Diego, Pacific Beach & La Jolla railway initiated a Special Fishing Train on Sundays only. Anglers needed to be at the foot of D Street — Broadway today — by 7 a.m. for their trip to the beach. At the school board meeting on the 17th the building committee was authorized to purchase two flag poles for the Pacific Beach School.

1921 — 100 Years Ago

Asserting that there may be oil under the waters of Mission Bay, J. Schadek petitioned the city council for a lease on property covering about half of the bay. Mr. Schadek was in the business of building oil rigs and drilling equipment, which — to my way of thinking — might have raised a red flag. The Richert family of Pacific Beach gave a house party over the last weekend in August at their ranch in Jamul.

Five couples and the chaperones were present. The impressive Richert home is still a head-turner at the east end of Diamond Street. I wonder how long it took to get home from Jamul in 1921.

1946 — 75 Years Ago

Erna Handley, First Runner-up in the Miss PB Pageant, traveled to Los Angeles to compete in the Miss California Pageant at the Roosevelt Hotel. She was Runner-Up in that contest, but came home with offers from two movie studios, one of which was Warner Bros. Born in Atlanta, Erna came to Pacific Beach with her parents, Mr. and Mrs. William Handley, when she was 4 years old. Their Queen Anne Victorian home at 1704 Grand Ave. has recently undergone a much-needed refurbishment.

1971 — 50 Years Ago

On the first day of August the British rock group Procol Harum performed at 8 and 10 p.m. at Earth, 1165 Garnet. Patrolman David M. Madsen apprehended two men suspected of stealing $1,000 worth of clothes from the Timid Troll Boutique, 1962 Garnet. Madsen’s suspicions were raised when the two men ducked down as he passed their car.

1996 — 25 Years Ago

Pacific Shellfish announced plans to relocate to 5040 Cass, formerly a moving and storage warehouse. I think it’s now the very successful Fishery Restaurant. The Pacific Beach Community Planning Committee approved Vern Taylor’s plans for the old Lucky Market property on Mission and Garnet. I think today’s tenants on the site include Urban Outfitters and Brandy Melville