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Not cool to toss old shoes in a tree

Thank you for the insightful article “Mystery of the Shoe Tree” in the March issue and the background on this trend of shoe-tossing. However, I cannot believe the nearby fitness center actually encourages its members to fling their old shoes into the tree and worse yet, the reasoning was, in part, because it kept members from littering the streets with them! Oh, I see ... it’s better to litter the trees with them? Seriously, fitness studio ought to rethink that policy.

Michelle O’Neil

Birthday party game will help baby bears

I just wanted to share how proud I am that my daughter has requested a component of her 4-year birthday party be a fundraiser for orphaned baby bears. We read her the article, “Hanging On By a Limb” (how to help orphaned bear cubs survive) in the March issue of the San Diego ZooNooz magazine and she immediately wanted to donate $30 to provide a bear cub with a week’s worth of formula.

However, since she didn’t have $30, we started problem-solving!

Her birthday party is on April 6 at the PB Women’s Club building off Hornblend. We came up with the idea to have a Penny Pop-a-thon there, where we will put bubble wrap on the floor and give each child a pedometer. The kids will get to jump on the bubble wrap for 3 minutes. Parents have been asked to donate a “penny per pop” for whatever the pedometer reads after 3 minutes!

We think it will be a fun event, and we are just so excited to teach our daughter the importance of donating time, money and talents to organizations that are fighting for vulnerable populations — even the bears!

Just thought this would be the type of news that could warm the hearts of locals!

Thera Storm

Walkers needed for international fundraiser

I work for the San Diego-based nonprofit, Project Concern International. We have an event/fundraiser called Walk for Water 5K that takes place 9 a.m. Sunday, April 28 on Tecolote Shores, Mission Bay. It demonstrates the journey made daily by women and girls in impoverished nations around the world to collect water for their families to survive. They miss school and work and put themselves at risk of violence.

The event cost is $20. Register online (solo or with a team of friends) at Community participation enables us to continue critical water, sanitation and hygiene programs that raise awareness and support our mission to help these women and girls to build healthy, productive futures.

Shelby Cannon

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