The Diamond Street Haunted House welcomes visitors to Pacific Beach on Halloween night

Spiderweb Hall is among the 30 scenes that await those who visit the Diamond Stret
Spiderweb Hall is among the 30 scenes that await those who visit the Diamond Street Haunted House in Pacific Beach on Halloween night.
(Courtesy - Rob Christ)

Looking for some spooky fun on Halloween night? Then consider checking out a haunted house in Pacific Beach.

The “Diamond Street Haunted House” will welcome those of all ages from 6 to 10 p.m. on Halloween. There are two experience versions available by getting into the scare and non-scare lines.

There will be 30 different scenes available for viewing, including a graveyard, “Stranger Things” hallway, The Ring and Spiderweb Hall.

The house is created over a couple months by the Christ family and around 50 friends.

Homeowner Rob Christ said the craftsman-style house, built in 1912, is the oldest historical property in Pacific Beach and the spirit of original resident Margaret remained.

“When exterior painting was required, the creepy dark grey of a graveyard shadow was Margaret’s choice, a result of transposed numbers to the painting contractors,” he said.

His wife, Kirsten, is a lifelong Halloween enthusiast looks forward to decorating their home each fall.

According to Rob Christ, the walls are created from hundreds of discarded wooden pallets, collected from trash bins behind businesses throughout Pacific Beach.

Down the creaking, dusty staircase to the basement beneath the old house is a horrifying collection of decorations and terrifying special effects used to enhance every step of the maze experience. He said Margaret lives within the sealed doors of the old fruit cellar down there and watches over the more than 50 bins of crawly decorations and spidery costumes.

When completed, the maze covers the entire grounds with more than 30 scenes, 35 actors and countless nightmares. There are scenes from Stranger Things, the Ring and Spider Web hall. Visitors will want to look up as they pass under a floating Max from Stranger Things when entering the property.

For those without the soul for witchy chills and monstrous thrills, there is a non-scare line, so even small ghosties are welcome.

Voluntary donations will be accepted to benefit the Pacific Beach Middle School ASB where the couple’s 13-year-old daughter, Cali, is ASB president.

The house it at 2176 Diamond Street in Pacific Beach. Learn more about the haunts in store by following it on Instagram at #DiamondStreetHauntedHouse.