353 guests attend Heart of PB Restaurant Walk in September

Sara Berns (left) and Ann Condon of Discover PB staff the Will Call ticket stand at the Heart of PB Restaurant Walk, Sept. 13.
(Susan DeMaggio)

The Heart of PB Restaurant Walk, held 4-9 p.m. Sept. 13 along Garnet Avenue between Lamont and Dawes Streets, netted about $5,000 in support of Discover PB programs, which include the Clean & Safe project and several community events. Sara Berns of Discover PB reports that 353 tickets were sold for the self-guided stroll to sample food and drinks from 19 eateries along the featured strip.

Discover PB program manager Ann Condon said at $25 per ticket, the event “is a great way to get foot traffic into the businesses and to introduce customers to restaurants they may never have tried before.” She added that Discover PB hosts two restaurant walks each year, the Coast Walk in May, and the Heart of PB Walk, in September.