Picture this: You’re sitting down to brunch with a flight of different-flavored mimosas and a dish of delectable cinnamon-roll pancakes in front of you.
One year ago, Waterbar opened its doors at the foot of Grand Avenue in Pacific Beach , replacing the old Joe’s Crab Shack and proclaiming itself an up-and-comer in the densely populated restaurant jungle of those four corners overlooking the ocean.
Every year around Christmas, for the past 65 years, you could find restaurateur John Pernicano dressed in full Santa Claus-gear — a costume made for him by one of the waitresses when he first began his side gig at Pernicano’s Family Restaurant, 711 Turquoise St., just south of La Jolla ‘s Bird Rock area in Northern Pacific Beach , San Diego.
IN GOOD TASTE: You might expect from the name that Isabel’s Cantina is just another Mexican restaurant in the beach area.
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